A Gallery – Scientology’s art centre in London

Temple of Xenu

A Gallery is an art gallery run by Fraser Kee Scott, based in Wimbledon, London, and at first glance it seems no different to any other art gallery. It is only on glancing at the Links page that something seems amiss; it’s a Scientology love-fest, with links to:

– Scientology Celebrity Centre
– Scientology
– Dianetics
– Narconon
– Citizens Commission on Human rights
– Criminon
– Applied Scholastics

His site also links to this interview from My Art Space, in which Scott’s Scientology beliefs are more prominent:

Q. What kind of message do you want the art you exhibit at A Gallery to have?

A. “I want to show art that lifts society. I want to show art that lifts people spirits, that helps them to see deeper meaning in life and to question things and be happier. Society is in a lot of trouble. There is mass war…

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